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When Should My Child Visit Our Lake Charles Dentist?

When Should My Child Visit Our Lake Charles Dentist?

Many parents in the Sulphur area wonder when it is right for their child to see the dentist for the first time. The American Dental Association recommends that kids visit the dentist around their first birthday, a little earlier than some parents may anticipate.

Early visits with Bell City, Westlake, and Hayes dental professionals help ensure that kids are getting every advantage when in comes to oral health and that they are comfortable with the dentist office.

Just as well child check-ups and children’s immunizations should be routine in every Louisiana kid’s life, dental visits are essential.

In these early visits, Sulphur area dentists usually clean the child’s teeth, apply fluoride, and assess any oral health risks that may be present, such as baby bottle tooth decay, a condition that can be avoided by having your child transition from bottle to cup at an early age.

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